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Baby Reflex


What is Baby Reflex?

Baby reflex is a simplified form of reflexology for babies. Only the feet are used with a light touch, which helps mother and baby to bond. It helps to ease the discomfort of many common baby ailments. It can be used from the age of four weeks onwards.


History of Baby Reflex

Jenny Lee founded baby reflex. She is both a Chartered Physiotherapist and a Qualified Reflexologist and teacher. Jenny has been working with parents and young children for over fifteen years during which time she carried out a number of pilot studies in conjunction with children's GPs, designed to examine the effects of Reflexology on childhood asthma. The results of those studies revealed benefits of reduced asthma, better sleep patterns, greater ability to relax and a much-improved quality of life.



What is the aim of baby reflex?

The aim is for parents to learn the skills to treat their own child. It only takes 5 minutes, so by learning these skills parents can help sooth their own children at any time day or night. Reflexology then becomes a natural part of daily care for your baby. It can be used absolutely anywhere, from the home to on an airplane. It is an on the spot tool to help calm, ease discomfort and to have fun with bonding. Babies love this therapy and can relax quickly, often falling asleep.  


How are the workshops taught?

Three weekly one-hour workshops themed as follows:





Teething, relief from sinus and ear congestion, immune system boosting, calming and relaxing are all covered in the above-mentioned themes. Workshops are taught in bit size chunks allowing parents to absorb the information in easily remembered themed sessions. There is time to practice the techniques on dolly feet, ask questions and then give a full treatment to the babies at the end of the workshop.


What is Toddler Reflex?

This is reflexology for toddlers to five years old. It has been created following requests from parents who have found baby reflexology very useful and wish to continue to treat their child. Toddlers are on the go all day, so the techniques for these little people are applied to the hands, with a slightly firmer touch. Nursery rhymes are used to make it lots of fun. The workshops are still 3 one-hour weekly workshops but run slightly differently. The first session is taught in the evening with parents only so that the main techniques can be taught. Following this the next two sessions run with the toddlers. We use songs and create a really fun filled workshop, using the techniques as we go involving the little ones at all times.


Toddler Reflex aims to:

Encourage and develop the bonding between Parent and child

Be relaxing, therefore promoting sleep, great before bed!

Be calming, especially for those toddler tantrums!

Support and encourage the digestion.

Help with pain relief when teething, bumped or bruised.

Support the developing body.



Where are the workshops held?

Teaching is carried our either in parents homes with small groups of parents or in organised workshops at community halls.


One to one appointments are also available.



3 x 1 hour classes, run weekly

Courses include course notes, charts and certificate.

I can offer one-to-one 

Mother and Baby /NCT groups or if any Mum would like to organise a group of "Mum friends" at her home (min 3 max 6) 


For any more information or questions, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to talk to you.


As you can see from the picture above, baby reflex is very adaptable. One Mum is treating her baby whilst standing up with baby in a Carrier. Another baby has rolled onto her tummy, so Mum has learnt to treat this way up. And always time for a play or a feed.


Baby reflex was a lovely, fun and relaxing experience for me and my son.


Bethan and I loved our baby reflexology sessions with Carly.


Carly is fantastic! Baby reflexology was a great experience for both myself and son.