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Reflexology - Conditions Treated


Reflexology is a holistic treatment, working on both mind and body to encourage balance within. It is a safe and non invasive treatment suitable for working with most conditions including:

​Stress related conditions



Menstrual & menopausal problems

Back pain

Stiff necks

Frozen shoulders



Musculo-skeletal pain

Conception difficulties

Pre and post operative care

Cancer care support

Pregnancy care (pre & post natal)



How many reflexology treatments do I need?


Everyone is different and Carly will advise you according to what your personal needs are. A course of treatments can be tailored to suit you and this will be discussed within your session


For those experiencing a specific symptom, the standard course of treatment is once or twice a week for six to ten weeks, depending on the condition and individual. For prevention, general balancing and relaxation the frequency can be less.



What happens during a reflexology treatment?


The session lasts approximately 1 hour. The client remains fully clothed, removing only shoes and socks. A reclining chair or treatment couch will be used for you to lie on. Your feet will be cleansed before the treatment begins. Feedback between client and practitioner will be discussed with a light refreshment.


"Thank you Carly for my lovely relaxing reflexology treatment yesterday. I was really impressed with your professional and calm manner. "


"Carly is brilliant at what she does. I always come away feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend a session with this lovely lady"

Zsuzsi Kingsnorth 

"Carly is by far the best Reflexologist I have ever visited! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to experience this Reflexology." Louise Edwards